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  • Ayra

    Hello! My name is Ayra and I'm from California, USA. I am an experienced English teacher with a 120-hour TESOL Certificate. I taught for one year in the classroom and three years online. I've worked with different ages and levels from kids, teenagers, to adults. I love teaching because I can help others improve their skills. I enjoy seeing my students grow, develop, and improve.In my class, we will focus on both your strengths and weaknesses. I work with wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. I make sure my students are comfortable speaking in English and eventually confident too.As your teacher, it's important to me that you enjoy our classes and that you learn something new every time. I think we're going to have a lot of fun together. See you there!


  • San

    Hi there! My name is San and I am a qualified TEFL teacher with 7 years of experience tutoring young children in a variety of subjects.I am outgoing, a good communicator. I love adventure and meeting new friends.My teaching approach is to provide interesting, engaging and interactive lessons that are student-centered as I believe that this will help my students to learn quickly while enjoying the process.I hope to provide my students with an exciting and memorable journey as I walk alongside them, helping them to learn the English language!Hope to speak with you soon!


  • William B

    My name is Teacher William and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. I have been teaching for more than five years. I have taught in schools and online, so I have lots of experience. I am a teacher because I really want to help people. I believe that the best way to learn is by having fun. So I would like you to have fun while you learn with me.Don't worry about making mistakes - we can just laugh about them. The most important thing to remember is that we all want to learn. And if we want to learn - we will!! Thank you for listening. I look forward to meeting you soon.


  • Ana

    Hi I am Anna and I am an English language teacher by profession. I have been teaching students of different levels and ages for more than 6 years now and both teaching and learning languages has always been my passion. Being a language learner myself, I am well aware of both the struggle and the reward. In addition to English, I can speak a little bit of Spanish and Russian, but just like you I am still learning. I am here with Englishtone to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help you learn English. I want to make the learning process fun and enjoyable, create positive and comfortable environment for you and help you bridge language and cultural gaps. Being talkative and sociable allows me to connect with my students on many levels and bring out the best in them. If you're up for studying and having fun, I hope to see you soon!


  • Robert

    Hello. I am teacher Robert, and I’m an English teacher. I’m really looking forward to meeting you. I’ve been a teacher for more than twenty years in the United States and also in International Schools around the world. I have had many Chinese students before. I think my teaching philosophy is one that learning and teaching should be a fun activity, so expect that as we do our lessons we will laugh sometimes. I think that’s pretty important for both of us and I will also make sure that I understand who you are. I like my students a lot. They are not all the same. Each student is different and has different interests and different needs, and I will try to get to know you and certainly will enjoy meeting you. It’s Teacher Robert and I hope we get together and have some lessons soon.


  • Kate

    Hello everyone! My name is teacher Kate, I am Canadian, and I would love to help you on your learning path to become a confident and independent English user here at Englishtone. I have 5+ years of experience teaching English, both adults and children, and I have to say, I enjoy my job very much! I approach my students with love, patience and a big smile. Our lessons will be engaging and fun! Hope to see you soon in classroom

    大家好!我是来自加拿大的凯特老师,我很乐意帮助你在学习的道路上成为一个自信和独立使用英语的学习者。 我有5年多的英语教学经验,大人和小孩都教过。必须强调的是,我非常热爱我的工作!我的教学宗旨是爱心、耐心和灿烂的微笑对待我的学生。我们的课程既有趣又让学生积极参与,希望很快能在课堂里见到你。

  • Ian

    Hi, I’m teacher Ian. I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and Communication, and a TEFL certificate. I’m from the United Kingdom but I live in South Africa. I’m passionate about teaching. I have been teaching for more than 9 years in many countries across the world. I have taught students of all ages and competencies. I first determine my student's level of listening, vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation skills and then adjust my style to make it comfortable for my students. I listen attentively and patiently and make the corrections within each class immediately to ensure that my student understands in order to grow and improve. My lessons are highly interactive, fun, and exciting. But, I always remain focused on the primary goal of ensuring that my student progresses effectively. So, I’d love to help you improve your English. See you soon in the classroom.


  • Jared

    Hello and thank you for listening. My name is Teacher Jared. I am from Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. I have been teaching English professionally for over five years. I have taught students as young as 3 and as old as 70. I have taught law students, medical students, IT professionals, college students, business owners, and even English teachers. I teach a very formal and precise style of English so that my students will sound more intelligent, more educated, and more respectable. Because I want everything you say to be understood and I want you to understand everything that is said to you in English. I will help you to learn to master the English language faster than you've ever thought was possible.

    你好,我是来自美国加利福尼亚州的Jared老师。我从事英语教学已经五年多了,所教学生的年纪各不相同,大到几十岁,小到3岁,并且授课群体范围广泛,有法律生,医学生,IT专业人士,大学生和企业主,甚至英语老师。 我拥有严谨正式的教学风格,所以我的学生会比其他人收获更多。我希望你所表达的一切都能被别人理解,同时也能理解他人所说。 我将帮助你以前所未有的速度掌握英语。

  • JR

    Hi, my name is Teacher JR. I am from Las Vegas,Nevada USA. I spent most of my life traveling through the United States, Asia and some parts of the Middle East.I have been teaching English for seven years to Chinese and Korean students between the ages of 6 and 60.The way I like to teach is to first learn my student's likes and dislikes and personality, then I use the information to do my best to make the class enjoyable for the student.I focus on pronunciation and comprehension of English words spoken in American English. In English there are words and phrases known as idioms that we usually speak without knowing so, I also focus help in these areas for students to understand what is being said.I hope to be hearing from you soon as you take a journey to know and understand the English language.


  • Adam

    Hi I'm teacher Adam .I have a bachelors degree in English. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Colchester, England and I love to teach. I really want to help you with your English and improve it. I've been teaching English as my first language for about 4 years now with different students around Asia. I could also teach and handle all kinds of books that you prefer or want. I have taught students of all different levels from all different age groups I will discover the students level of vocabulary, speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation skills and I later adjust my style so it may be comfortable and effective for each student I make the important corrections within each class to help determine areas where the student needs the most help. so i hope you enroll with us now and you will surely achieve your goal of speaking English fluently and confident. Hope to meet you and talk to you soon!


  • Dave

    Hi, my name is Dave from Englishtone, I am 44 years of age, and I was born and raised in Northern California. My hobbies are cooking, eating, watching movies, reading and working out. I have over 6 years of experience as an Online ESL instructor and 4 years of experience with personal one-on-one and group classes. I've tutored students from China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, with ages ranging from 4 to 70 years old. I love meeting and getting to know my students, and I think learning should be fun. If you agree, I would love to have you as a student here at Englishtone. See you soon.


  • Ben

    Hello, my name is Teacher Ben from Hawaii, USA. I have been teaching English for an amazing 4 years and I have taught English to students from Europe and China in all ages and levels. I am very grateful that my teaching experience has allowed me to meet a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds and I love to see my students’ progress through the course of our lessons. I have found that creating a trusting relationship with my students is essential for good communication; this also holds true in life and the people you surround yourself with. I think learning English online is great opportunity to learn English from a native speaker. So make use of it! Well, that's all for me. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in class!


  • Josh

    Hi there! My name is teacher Josh, and I am from Long Island in the state of New York. I love movies, music, culture, and food. I've been a teacher most of my life and I have specifically taught English for almost nine years now. And in my experience, i think one of the biggest challenges in learning English is getting the confidence to actually use it. Now, I can help you build that confidence, so that you can use English in whatever and wherever you need it.You might think that learning a language is difficult and boring, but here in Englishtone, learning English is actually fun! Language is an art, and the only way to improve is through practice. So, come and join me in my class, and I'll help you gain the confidence and improve. See ya!


  • Brett

    Hi,I'm teacher Brett. I have a bachelors degree in English. I'm 29 years old and I'm from London,England. I love to teach and I really want to help you with your English. I've been teaching English for nearly three years now. I have taught students of all different levels from all different age groups. I first determine the students level of vocabulary speaking listening grammar and pronunciation and I later adjust my style. So it may be comfortable and effective for each student. I make the necessary corrections within each class to help and determine areas where the student needs the most help. So enroll with us now and you will surely achieve your goal of speaking English fluently. see you soon!


  • Charles

    Hi, I am Charles and I really enjoy working for Englishtone. I have been teaching English now for about two years. Most of my students have been Koreans. I have taught advanced students all the way to children. During these two years I have taught IELTS , TOEIC speaking, OPIC and English for telecommunications. I also was an instructor in the US army. I taught classes on how to maintain and use communication equipment. After I did my time in the US army I got a degree in information technology and worked as a security specialist to help keep business safe from crime. When you have a class with me I try to focus on teaching you every day English and how to incorporate the use of idioms into your conversation. Thank you for your consideration for being your teacher and I do look forward to talking to you during class.


  • Zoe

    Hello! I'm Teacher Zoe from Englishtone and I'm very excited to see you in my class. I've been teaching English in classrooms and online for more than 3 years. I'm very passionate about teaching the English language and I know that we'll have a great time learning it together. My class is always fun, but informative! I invite you to join my class in English Tone and I hope to see you soon!


  • Sheree

    Hi, I'm Teacher Sheree with English Tone. I'm 24 years old and I'm from Allen Texas. I pursued my bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and have been a teacher for over 4 years now. I have a passion for English and I love to teach I have experienced teaching business English, conversational English and basic English to non-native speakers like you. I believe anyone can master a second language and the best way to learn a new language is by studying with a good teacher and practising every day. In my class, you're free to make mistakes, my job is to correct you. I am very patient and understanding. My goal is to help you achieve your linguistic goals, I will help you master the English language while cheering you on and rooting for your success. I cannot wait to meet you. I'll see you soon.


  • Marielle

    Hi students! I am teacher Marielle but you can call me Mary. I am 28 years old and from Anaheim, California. I have 2 years of online teaching experience with EnglishTone and 2 years of offline teaching experience with students of different age groups and from different cultural backgrounds. I can say that I truly do enjoy teaching. The students are my topmost priority and I will adjust my teaching methods to fit your needs. I want to create a fun and comfortable learning environment for my students. Together, we will focus on improving your set of English language skills specifically focusing on vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar and pronunciation, so that in due time, you will be able to speak, write, and understand English with much more ease! I encourage you to always ask questions to further enhance your understanding. So enroll now and I will be with you every step of the way! I hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the rest of your day!


  • Derick

    Hello! My name is Teacher Derick, I'm 30 years old and I would love to be your next English Teacher. I've been an English Teacher for more than 4 years now and I've handled both offline and online teaching. Since teaching has always been a huge passion of mine, I always try to make sure that my students will get their money's worth. I believe that my style of teaching has helped a lot of my former students into becoming a confident, excellent English speaker they are today. If you're looking for a fun and interactive way of learning the English Language, I'm your teacher. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today! Bye!

    大家好,我是Teacher Derick, 今年30岁,我很期待成为你的英语老师。我教英语已经4年之多,线上、线下授课均有接触。我对教学有很大的激情,我保证让我的学生会感到物有所值。我相信在我之前的教学中,我用我独特的教学风格帮助他们一个个成为自信,杰出的口语达人。如果你正寻求一种轻松,高效的英语学习环境。我在这里,你还在等什么?加入我们吧!

  • Grace

    Hi there! My name is Grace and I am a teacher in English tone. I'm from Anaheim California, and teaching English is what I love to do. I have offline and online teaching experience for more than 8 years. Sharing my experience and knowledge to my students allows me to learn from them as well. I give opportunities for them to explore their learning potentials, and develop their passion for learning. Knowing their learning styles would help me address their needs and provide them with appropriate measures for their learning growth. So friends! Join English tone now and let us learn together. See yah!


  • Justin

    Hi! My name is teacher Justin from English Tone, I’m 29 years old and I’m from the UK. I have many years’ experience working as an English Teacher at a school in Guangzhou, China and also as an online tutor. I’m really passionate about teaching and I always look to have fun and interesting lessons in a relaxed environment. I have taught students of all different ages, levels and abilities – and I’m always focused on working closely with my students to ensure they have the best opportunity to improve their English and achieve success. So, whether you are looking to learn for business, school, college, travel or just a hobby – I can offer the best lessons to suit your needs. Learning with English Tone is a fantastic opportunity to improve your English and I hope to welcome you to my class soon.


  • Alan

    Hello! My name is Alan, your teacher here on Englishtone. I am here to teach you Basic English, Conversation English and Business English. I have been teaching English online for 2 years now and I love it because I am not only teaching but I am learning as well.I consider my teaching style as relaxed and fun,I am very easy to talk too and I am well traveled and culturally sensitive therefore I can assure you that we will be able to exchange cultural differences and experiences and you will be enjoying it. I really hope to see you in my class here at ET.


  • Timothy

    This is Teacher Tim with ET. I have been teaching for many years and I have helped to write three books and I am now currently working on my first solo book. I have also worked in several fortune 500 companies. I love teaching and especially love it when student ask questions the more questions you ask the more you are able to learn. My philosophy for teaching is that learning should be fun. When student think of the class as something fun they enjoy they learn more than they realize. I remember when I was going to school the classes that I learned the most from were fun. And if you would like to have me as your teacher ask for teacher Tim.


  • Emil

    Hello, my name is Teacher Emil from Englishtone. I began teaching English nine years ago in China as well as other places around Asia. I think teaching is the greatest pleasure in life. I've taught English at public schools to Grades Two, Three, Four and Five. And I've taught English to all high school grades. I've taught English to business men and women at reputable companies. My teaching style is universal; I begin by making the student feel relaxed. I know every student can learn and I want them to be confident in their own natural ability. I want my student to consider me a friend because if we talk as friends they will not think about making mistakes. Every student can learn and grow and as a teacher my greatest joy is to watch them develop over time. Since I was young, I've enjoyed the outdoors. I like hiking and camping, climbing and singing and I like listening to music very much. I am a choir leader as well and teach group singing in my free time. I would like to welcome you to the Englishtone family and I look forward to talking with you in the near future.


  • Rachel

    Hello there! It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you :) I'm teacher Rachel. and I'm 30 years old now. I love to interact with people, learn new ideas and share my knowledge. I also love to cook, spend quality time with my family, and of course, I love teaching. I've been teaching English for over 6 years now. I've met different students at a different level. I've taught Korean and Chinese students. I‘ve been able to teach young amazing students and I've also had the opportunity to handle adult students and helped them improved their English skills. I love being a teacher! I teach in a way that my students would understand, learn, and enjoy the lesson at the same time. I also use the L.U.C.R technique(L for listening, U for understanding, C for correction and R for repetition) So, In my class, you're not just gonna learn but at the same time, you're gonna have fun! I hope to meet you soon! Have a great day! Good bye!

    大家好,很高兴向大家介绍我自己。 我是Rachel 老师,今年30岁。我喜欢和人交流,学习和分享观点。除此之外,我热爱教学,喜欢烹饪,享受和家人在一起的时光。至今为止,我已经教授英语6年多了,之前教授过水平不同、年龄各异的中国和韩国学生,比如成人、青少年学生。我很热爱教师这份工作,我曾经帮助过不用水平的小孩和成年人提高英语技能。我的教学方式是让学生在享受课堂的同时进行理解和学习。同时我使用L.U.C.R 教学方法(听, 理解,纠正,和重复),因此,在我的课堂里你可以乐享学习。祝你有美好的一天,课堂上见!

  • Ryan

    Hello, my name is Ryan Cloe and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I am 31 years old. I've been teaching English for 3 years now. I've had students of many different ages and backgrounds, though most of my students were between the ages of 9 and 15. I've also taught individuals who are in their 20's and 30's. Some of the things I enjoy doing include, basketball, golf, hiking, camping, fishing, photography and audio engineering. The personality traits I possess which most benefit me in teaching are supreme patience and my joyful attitude. I am a teacher at ET online and I will be here to help you in your journey to English excellence. I look forward to meeting you. Good day!


  • James

    Hi! I am teacher James from New York, USA. I also lived in California in the San Francisco area. I have an AS in Fire Science and BS in Organic Chemistry from the state of Texas. I want to help you with your English. I want to help you speak smoothly, work on your listening, have some fun and help you feel confident and successful in your English speaking. I have about 20 years in teaching and training. I taught 10 years in Environmental law and regulations and 10 years in an International school. I also taught for 7 years online. Some of my students have been from Russia, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. I know that working together, we can help you expand your English. Also, I want to help you with idioms. See 45% of the English spoken by native speakers is idioms. And if you can't understand them or speak them it can be a disadvantage for you. I look forward seeing you in my class. Thank you.


  • Mark

    Hi, welcome to ET phone English. My name is teacher Mark from Chicago. I have been teaching English for 10 years. My past students have ranged in age from 6 years old to 59 years old. I teach standard, neutral English as well as American accent training. I also teach for IELTS and TOEFL. I am extremely patient and my teaching style is very loose and fun. During free talk conversations am able to speak on a many subjects and topics. When I am not teaching I enjoy reading and writing science fiction. I also enjoy drawing and studying advanced sciences. On weekends my hobbies are cooking and baking. Thank you for listening and I hope to see you in my class soon!

    大家好,欢迎来到英通电话英语。我是来自芝加哥的Mark老师。我有十年的教学经验,教授过从6到59岁不同年龄的学生。 我教授标准发音和美音,我也教雅思和托福课。我非常耐心,教学风格轻松有趣。我能和学生讨论各种学科和各种话题。教学之余,我喜欢读科幻小说,还会写科幻小说哦。画画和研究前沿科学也是我的一大爱好。周末的时候,我喜欢煮饭和烘烤。谢谢大家,期待你能加入我的课堂!

  • Sunshine

    Hi my name Sunshine I have been teaching online for almost 2 years now. Teaching has been my profession which led me to do great things. I was able to meet various students which molded me in becoming a versatile teacher. I believe that every student is unique; they have their own style of learning which can be taught in various ways. The diversity of my students doesn’t stop me in teaching them differently. Which means you can easily learn and have fun with the proper way of teaching. I then welcome you to join us in Englishtone and learn from the best teachers.


  • Edward

    Hello, and welcome to Englishtone. My name is Teacher Ed and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have spent many years teaching students from the Philippines, Korea and now China. I have always loved teaching English. It has been said that English is the key to success and I completely agree. I believe that learning English can be fun for the teacher as well as the student and learning is always easier when both are friends. There is a secret to learning English the easy way, do you know what it is? It's all about being relaxed and taking your time during class! Students that feel at ease do much better in their studies and learn faster than those that feel stressed or “uncomfortable” and that's the way that I like to teach my students. Anyone can learn to speak English if they try their best and you can too, I promise. I wonder what you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy playing guitar, watching good movies and playing in the snow! I hope that we can talk about these things together and I welcome you to the ET family. Now, let's get started!


  • Alvin

    Hello, my name is T. Alvin of EnglishTone and I am from the United States. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas and graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. I have also been giving ESL courses for 7 years both in English academies and online classes because I love teaching. I like to keep things casual as I teach and even fun since there are enough students out there who lose their enthusiasm when learning becomes a chore. Then there are those who are less determined. I push these students to study hard, start our classes always prepared and never take “I don’t know” for an answer. However there is one thing that each student needs, and that is a lot of patience. No matter which kind of student you are, definitely I can help you from beginner levels of English to advance levels and preparation courses for tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS. Your English proficiency can mean getting into the college that you want, getting that job and even getting promoted. If you want to have English, then make a commitment with EnglishTone and I’ll see you in class.

    大家好,我是英通在线英语的Alvin老师,来自美国,在堪萨斯州威齐托长大,毕业于电脑工程专业。因为热爱教学,我从事线上线下教学7年了。我喜欢让事情由随意而渐渐让人觉得有趣,当学习变成一件苦差事的事情,学生就会失去学习兴趣,学生学习英语的决心就会变小。对于学习意志不坚定的学生,我督促他们努力学习,做好课前预习,不能用“不知道”来回答我的提问。每个学生都需要学会耐心,无论你是什么样的学生,我都会帮助你把英语水平从初级提高到高级甚至可以参加托业、托福、雅思考试。您良好的英语水平能帮助您进入理想大学,得到理想的工作甚至升职。 如果您想学好英语,就来英通在线吧!期待与您课堂相见!

  • Rush

    Hi , I'm teacher Rush From ET English. I hold a bachelor's degree in financial management. I come from Montreal, Canada and I started teaching English as a classroom teacher nearly 5 years ago. In all these years I have had students of all levels from all age groups. I can help you build your confidence in English and improve your English skills to have successful conversations with Americans, Canadians or other English speakers around the world. In my class you will learn how to express your Ideas freely and my goal is to make you sound natural, just like an American. I will listen to you carefully and adjust my speed of speech according to your level. I hope you enroll with us now and you will surely become a much better English speaker. I look forward to seeing you in my class. Goodbye.


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